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Mrs Stevens Job/Zack cleans steel w/grinder
Scrape Scrape Scrape


ABOUT PREPARATION: Paint is only as good as the surface to which it is applied.

PPG Industries research labs have determined scientifically what most experienced painters have intuitively known all along: that 90% of all paint failures are a result of moisture and/or poor surface preparation. Have you ever wondered why it is that housepaint will peel after two years while the paint on our automobile will easily last ten? or 20? or more!!  It is even more puzzling when one considers that the same folks who make the paint for our cars make the paint for our homes! The answer to this puzzle of course is SURFACE PREPARATION.

Did you know that paint manufacturers would pay the entire cost to re-paint a failed job IF the paint was properly applied? Painting is not rocket science, but proper procedures must be followed to expect good results. Would you permit the local body shop to repaint your car without first repairing the rust or wiping off the dirt? Why would you expect or tolerate less for your home? Which is the greater investment? Unfortunately, surface prep is the part of painting that is frequently done poorly or not at all.


REPAINTING WOOD - Scraping, then sanding with coarse sandpaper, then wiping with cloths or dusting is our preferred method of surface preparation. Scraping removes loose, peeling or blistered paint. Sanding loosens dirt and chemical pollutants deposited on the surface (air pollution). Sanding also will correct minor surface roughness giving the finished job a smoother appearance. Finally, wiping the surface with a cloth (or dusting) leaves the surface in excellent condition to receive paint.

ALUMINUM & VINYL SIDING or awnings are cleaned with steel wool, then wiped.

STEEL Scraped and cleaned with electric grinder/wire wheel or sandpaper and wire brush. Sandblasting is available for large areas.

BRICK Pressure washing is the preferred method in most cases. Pressure washing is effective but extremely messy and not possible in certain locations. In such an instance the methods would be the same as steel.


Caulking of open joints or cracks in wood should be part of any painting job. Older wood or steel window sash is checked to determine the integrity of the glazing putty and the frames checked and re-caulked if necessary.

We expect homes painted by us(prep/prime/two coat job) to look ‘FRESH’ for five to seven years and to not need repainting for at least ten years. Our goal is to be able to send future customers past your home in five years to demonstrate the quality of our work. If you would like to see some of our work that is now five years old let me know. We are always happy to provide references!

UPDATE 2019  

More and more we are using what I call 'Lifetime Acrylics'. These are the premium exterior products of the large paint companies.

This is a trend that began in the late 1990's.

As we begin to 're-paint' work done with these products, we've moved to a process of cleaning/presure washing as the preferred method of 'paint prep'. The newer products seem to resist peeling, and therefore the amount of scraping required is significantly less.